Selenium Web Driver Using Java

Java Training

1: Fundamentals of Java Programming (Duration of Topic of Topic-1hr)

The naming convention of Java language
Program/Interview questions

2: Control Structures (Duration of Topic of Topic-1hr)

Working with Control Structures
Types of Control Structures
Decision Control Structure (if, if-else, if-else if, switch – case)
Repetition Control Structure (do-while, while, for)
Program/Interview questions

3: Input Fundamentals and Datatypes In Java (Duration of Topic of Topic-2hrs)

Java Array
What is Array
Array Declaration in java vs C and C++.
Elements, Default Value, for-each loop
Program/Interview questions
Application Compilation and Run
Interview related Question and Answer

4: Object-Oriented Programming (Oops Concepts In Deep) (Duration of Topic of Topic-4hrs)

Introduction to Object-Oriented
Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance,
Introduction to Classes and Objects
Different ways to create Object Instance
Constructors, types of Constructor,
Constructor Rule, Constructor Overloading
Programming Interview related Question and Answer

5: Exception Handling (Duration of Topic of Topic-2hrs)

Introduction to Exceptions
Effects of Exceptions
Exception Handling Mechanism
Try, catch, finally blocks
Rules of Exception Handling
Throw & throws keyword
Interview-related Question and Answer.

6: Collection Framework (Duration of Topic of Topic-10hrs)

What is generic
Creating User-defined Generic classes
The java.util package
What is Collection Framework
List, Set & Map interfaces
Using Vector, Array List, Stack,
Linked List, etc.
Using Collections class for sorting
Using Hashtable, Hash Map, TreeMap,
SortedMap, LinkedHashMap, etc.
Iterator, Enumerator.
Using Queue, Deque, SortedQue, etc.
Using HashSet, TreeSet, LinkedHashSet, etc
Interview related Question and Answer

Selenium Training

1. Introduction to Automation

What is Automation
Advantages & Disadvantage of Automation
When do we go for Automation

2. Introduction to Selenium

What is Selenium?
Selenium Architecture & protocols
Languages & Platform supported by Selenium
Basic Browser Handling
Launching Browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari…)
Handling Browser Navigation

3. Locators

What is a locator?
Locator types(tagName,id,name,className,linkText,partialLinkText,css,xapth)
About Script Synchronization
Implicit wait
Explicit wait
Custom wait
Handling WebElement
Different ways to perform actions on elements

4. Using getters and setters for validation

Handling Multiple Elements
Handling Mouse Events
Performing mouse hover action

5. Handling Dropdown Menu

Performing Drag and Drop action
Handling ListBox

6. Selecting options using different methods

Handling Multi-select list box
Sorting the content of the list box
Searching the list box

7.Handling Popups

Introduction to types of popup
Techniques identify popup type
Handling different types of popup

8Page Object Model

 Introduction to Page Object Model
Handling Elements (declaration, initialization, and utilization)
 @FindBy (annotation)
 Page Decoration using Page Factory
 Advantages of POM

9. TestNG

 TestNG annotations
TestNG reporting
 TestNG Assertion
 TestNG suite
 Parallel execution

10. Data-Driven Testing

Reading and writing data from Excel                                              Writing automation scripts to use excel data

11. Automation Project

Implementing Framework on Web Project
Automation workspace management using SVN
Challenges faced in Automation Project and Handling it
Automation Life Cycle

12. Maven  

Introduction To Maven
Setup Maven Using With Selenium
GitHub, Maven Integration

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