1. Maven
        Maven Introduction
        Install Maven in Eclipse IDE
        Install Maven on Windows
        Install Maven on Mac
        How to Create a New Maven Project
        How to Create a New Maven Project in Eclipse
        Configure Selenium Continuous Integration with Maven

2. Introduction to Git
    What is Version Control System
    Local, Central and Distributed Version Control Systems
    What is GIT?
    Difference between Git and GitHub
    Git Life Cycle

3. Git Installation
      Git Clients
      Install Git on Windows

4. Quick Start with Git Repository
       Git Help
       Set Up Default Credentials for Git Config
       Set Up Notepad++ for Git Bash
       Common Directory commands on Git Bash
       Create Git Repository
       Dot Git Folder

5. Stage and Commit Changes
      Git Staging
      Git Commit
      Writing Good Commit Messages
      Alter Files in Git

6. Inspecting & Tracking Changes
      Git Status
      Git Log
      Git Diff
      Git History

7. Interacting with Git Hub
      GitHub Introduction
      Create GitHub Account
      Create GitHub Repository
      Connect Local with GitHub Repository
      Git Fork
      Git Clone
      Difference between Git Clone and Git Fork

8. SSH Protocol
       SSH Protocol in Git
       Git SSH Authentication
       Clone Repository Using SSH in Git

9. Interaction with Remote Repository
     Git Push
     Verify Committed Changes
     Git Fetch and Git Merge
     Git Pull
     Git Fetch and Git Pull

10. Git Branch
       Git Branch
       Git Create Branch
       Git Delete Branch
       Git Merge Branch

11. Git Tags
        Git Tags
        Git Delete & Update Tag
        Github Tags
        Github Releases

12. Git Terminologies

13. Git Alias

Jenkins Overview
Install Jenkins
How to install Tomcat and deploy Jenkins on it?
Jenkins GitHub Integration
Jenkins Maven Configuration
Jenkins Configuration
Manage Jenkins
Jenkins Build JobsJenkins User Management

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