Agile Methodologies

1. Agile
       What is Agile?
       Agile Manifesto – 4 Values and 12 Principles
       Why Agile Methodology?

2.  What is Scrum?
       Scrum Values
       Scrum Team
       Scrum Product Owner
       Scrum Development Team
       Scrum Master

3. Scrum Events
       What is Sprint?
       Sprint Planning
       Daily Scrum Meeting
       Sprint Review
       Sprint Retrospective

4. Scrum Artifacts
       Product Backlog
       Sprint Backlog
5. Artifact Transparency
      Definition of Done

6. Agile Methodologies Guides
      Scrum Guide
      Kanban Guide
      Extreme Programming
      Lean Development
      DSDM Guide
      Crystal Methodology
      Agile Methodology
      Feature Driven Development (FDD)

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