WebService table of Contents Rest  API, POSTMAN, SOAPUI 

1. Introduction to WebService and API 
    1. What is WebService 
    2. Why we need WebService based Architecture 
    3. Type Of WebService 
    4. What is SOAP 
    5. What is REST Full WebService 
    6. REST vs. SOAP WebService 

2. Introduction and Basics of REST API 
    1. What is Client and Server in WebService based Architecture
    2. What is Request and Response 
    3. Type of HTTP response codes 
    4. What is REST API and why it is better than SOAP 

3. REST API Rules and important terminology 
1. What are the basic rules of REST API 
    2. What is URI 
    3. What is methods in REST API 
    4. Types of REST API methods- GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc
    5. When and Why we use these methods in REST API 

4. API Testing Basics 
1. Why we need API testing. 
    2. What we verify in API testing. 
    3. Way of performing API testing. 

5. Introduction to JSON and XML 
    1. What is XML 
    2. What is JSON 
    3. How to Parse XML file 
    4. How to parse JSON file

6. Introduction to POSTMAN 
1. Installation of POSTMAN 
    2. Understanding POSTMAN UI 
    3. Sending the first Request 
    4. Sending different type of REST API using POSTMAN 5. POSTMAN Collections 
    6. Creating the first Collection 
    7. Variables 
    8. Manage environments in POSTMAN 
    9. Manage Variables in POSTMAN 
  10. Introduction to scripts 
  11. pre-request scripts 
  12. Test Scripts 
  13. Running a Collection 
  14. Using environments in collection runs 
  15. Reading test data from external files 
  16. Integration with Jenkins 

7. Introduction to Jackson library 
  1. Parsing Json file with Jackson 
    2. Converting complex Json into Map 
    3. Converting Json into POJO 

8. Introduction to GIT and Github 
1. Introduction to GIT 
   2. GIT commands 
   3. Different stage in GIT 
   4. How to commit a file in GIT 
   5. Introduction to GITHUB 
   6. Connecting GIT with GITHUB 
   7. Pushing files to Remote repo(GITHUB) 
   8. Rollback of Files 
   9. Pull, Merge, Clone, Checkout command 
  10. Resolving merge conflicts in GIT

9. Introduction to Rest-Assured API 
 1. Understanding Rest-Assured API 
    2. Making GET request using Rest_assured 
    3. Making POST request using Rest_assured 
    4. Making PUT request using Rest_assured 
    5. Making DELETE request using Rest_assured 
    6. Extracting response. 
    7. Asserting status code from Response 
    8. Asserting response schema 
    9. Asserting Response body 

10. Advance Features and framework designing with  RestAssured 
1. Introduction to TestNG 
    2. Basic annotations of TestNG and their use 
    3. Assertions on test cases 
    4. Framework designing with Rest-assured 
    5. Excel reader for Test data parsing 
    6. Integration of test data files with Framework
    7. Running Test cases using testng.xml 
    8. Running Test Suite using Maven command 
    9. Integration with Jenkins 

11. Advance Reporting using Extent Report library
  1. Introduction to Extent report 
    2. Basics of Extent report   
    3. Integration of Extent report with the rest-assured framework
    4. Generating Extent Report after Test Suite Run 

12. Introduction to SOAP UI 
 1. Basics of SOAP WebService 
   2. Understating of WSDL 
   3. Understanding of UDDI 
   4. Installation of SOAP UI 
   5. Understanding basics of SOAP UI 
   6. Hierarchy and flow in SOAP UI 
   7. Writing First Test case in SOAP UI 
   8. Use Properties in SOAP UI 
   9. Assertions in SOAP UI

13. Introduction to Groovy 
1. Basics of Groovy 
    2. Use of Groovy scripts in SOAP UI 
    3. Data-driven testing in SOAP UI 
    4. REST API Testing in SOAP UI 

14. Introduction to Jenkins 
1. Installation of Jenkins 
   2. Basics of Jenkins 
   3. Creating first Project in Jenkins 
   4. Creating Maven project in Jenkins 
   5. Integration of Rest-Assured framework with Jenkins
   6. Integration of GIT with Jenkins 
   7. Sending Mail through Jenkins 
   8. Continuous Integration with Jenkins 
   9. Integration of Extent Report with Jenkins 
  10. Creating User Profiles in Jenkins 
  11. Assigning roles to users in Jenkins 

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