Postman Tutorial

1. Introduction
Postman and API Testing         
     API testing vs Unit testing vs UI testing

2. Overview of Protocols Supported by Postman   
Soap, Rest, HTTP, GraphQL
      Path parameters vs query parameters

3. Fundamentals of API Testing
Get requests
    Post requests
    Parameterize requests

4. Preparing the Development Environment
Installing and configuring Postman
    Registering in Postman

5. Creating API Requests
Using a test API 
    Passing additional data with a request
    Creating dynamic requests with variables
    Importing requests from a browser
    Debugging requests
    Saving and sharing requests
    Inspecting responses

6. Testing and Scripting
   Scripting a test
     Testing an API
     Refactoring tests

7. API Workflows With GitHub
 Setting up two-factor authentication on Postman and in GitHub
     Creating a simple workflow with GitHub API

8.  Automating Test Running
Sampling collection runner
     Using Postman monitors
     Installing Newman
     Running a collection on Newman and generating a report

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